Another ATM Machine Stolen

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"This crime is definitely brazen, without a doubt," says Sgt. Greg Collins of the Parkersburg Police Department. "It's caught our attention; they're in and out within two minutes. We were on scene in three minutes and nobody was around."

Before 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning officers responded to an intrusion alarm from the BP Gas Station at Route 95 and Rayon Drive.

"This crime mirrors the last ATM theft on January 31 at the Certified Station on 95 West," Collins says.

Another day, another theft of an ATM machine while everyone else would rather be sleeping.

"We've had detectives working on the last case pretty much nonstop since it happened. We've developed some leads; we have some people we would put in a long list as of right now," Collins says.

Law enforcement is evaluating surveillance footage.

"The only difference between the two cases is we were able to recover this ATM (on Pettyville Road), although the cash was gone," Collins says. "The last ATM we have not recovered yet."

Who are we looking for?

According to Collins, both cases had multiple suspects, likely three people working together. He says they are pretty certain that the vehicle involved is a sport utility vehicle.

"Somebody saw something. We're hopeful that someone that drove by this particular store while the crime was in progress will give us a call and lead us to a better vehicle description than what we currently have," Collins says.

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