Leadership Day at Belmont Elementary

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"I like Leadership Day because they give everybody a chance to do a job and like, it's fun because you don't have to get nervous, everything just comes from the heart," says Simon, a fourth-grader at Belmont Elementary School.

Young people show who they are and what they can become.

"It's a chance when all the students get to showcase their leadership skills. Every child in the school has a chance to participate," says Principal Rebecca Griffith. "They may want to do a presentation on stage, they may want to write a speech, they may want to help with organizing the lunch, serving, being greeters -- being leaders in many different ways."

Belmont Elementary celebrated Leadership Day on Thursday with the future leaders of tomorrow, their students.

"For them to start this leadership model and for my son to participate in it has meant a lot -- the idea that everyone has the potential to be a leader," says Leslie Elliott, Simon's mom.

Elliott attended Belmont as a child and so did her father "so it's a community that I'm proud of; I grew up in this community," she says.

Students are enthusiastic about leading, learning and loving.

Griffith says the kids love Leadership Day. "They're excited -- it plays also into their academics, goal setting, they do data notebooks."

Belmont embraces the characteristics of a leader with quality tools and best practices every day in every facet of their school.

"We are a 'Leader in Me School' and we practice leadership skills based on the seven habits of highly effective people," Griffith says. "They learn about leadership and doing the right thing and making the right choices."

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