Marietta Armory Renovation Continues

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It's been a long time coming with a lot of work and effort put into it but now the goal is to open the Marietta Armory this summer.

The local painters union and the city of Marietta are going back and forth trying to work out the armory paint issues.

A lead abatement consulting firm is doing their part to facilitate the situation.

"I would like to see the city there everyday monitoring the project," says Brian Stanley of District Council 53, Union of Painters and Allied Trades. "I would like to see someone there from the city or the lead abatement consulting firm there everyday all day while all this lead abatement goes on."

Joe Tucker, Marietta city engineer says he is confident that the contractor is doing everything correctly.

"We've got reports and all kinds of information that's totally transparent to the public. If they have issues or concerns, they're welcome to come to our office and look at all of it," Tucker says.

All the lead safe work and practices have been completed with the exception of some of the components on the roof. This phase of the project is mainly to do structural renovations and roof repairs on the armory.

"Lead is very serious, it's very hazardous, it's toxic -- especially to children," Stanley says.

According to Tucker, once the armory is open to the public he would be absolutely confident that it would be safe, much safer than most old buildings because it's gone through this process.

"That said, it's important for the public and everyone to understand that we're not doing a true, complete lead paint abatement and that's why I keep referring to what we're doing as lead safe practices and stabilization," Tucker says.

The engineer says some wall surfaces may still remain with some minor lead paint on them, but not loose paint. Tucker says they would encapsulate that paint so it's not a danger to anyone.

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