WV House Repeals Local Gun Laws

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"Charleston had a ridiculous policy where they said you could only buy one gun per month and I'm for being able to buy as many guns as a person wants," says Tim McPherson of Washington, West Virginia.

"For the majority of West Virginians that type of legislation's not necessary," says Michael Farnsworth of Parkersburg. "We're law abiding citizens even if we are gun owners and we don't pose a threat to the public."

To turn it over to the state or not to.

"I'm sort of in a catch-22 here because you wonder whether or not it's for the government or the state to take control of our laws like that," McPherson says. "Who knows what law they might impose."

Late Monday the West Virginia House voted 94-4 to repeal local gun laws.

"Certain individuals that traffic in firearms and are buying lots of guns in Charleston or in Huntington or different locations to take them out of state, they need to be targeted and focused on by law enforcement," Farnsworth says.

A final bill will make uniform law of firearms, ammunition and accessories at the state level.

"These general legislations and these general bills do nothing to stop the individual perpetrators of gun trafficking with this proposed new bill," Farnsworth says.

Many West Virginia residents are concerned there's more to the state's motives.

"I'm for the second amendment rights and you wonder whether or not there's something being hidden in the agenda there," McPherson says.

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