8-Year-Old Writes Relationship Book

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“I think I can help them before they make a mistake like my sister did because I know that was very sad for her and I didn't like seeing her sad,” says author Destiny Foutty. “I don't want other people to go through that.”

Destiny is just 8-years-old but already an old soul. Last fall, when her sister Lindsay faced rocky times after a long engagement ended, the future author wrote, "Relationships are Elementary" to help her and others.

“It was very touching that she would write this for me. Just having a hard time, a sad day and she came to me with this piece of paper where she typed out all this advice -- the stories and things that she said that she had written down. Her heart was to help me and not only me but she wanted to help other people not have to go through what I went through,” Lindsay says.

The new author plans to add more relationship books to her future.

“I'm going to do a whole line of those I'm pretty sure; it can help people because I have like, stories in here describing some very important things you should know about relationships and stuff,” Destiny says.

With such a favorable response to the book in their small town, the Foutty's are happy to bring it to a larger audience.

“We shared it with a lot of people, people we work with and then they started it sharing it with people, so that was neat to see that people really took an interest in it beyond,” Lindsay says. “We thought it was something, but other people thinking it was special was pretty cool.”

Destiny already has a growing fan base and a lot to look forward to.

“I'm very excited,” she says.

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