UPDATE: White House Easter for Local Girl

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UPDATE: 4/2/13, 6:40 p.m.

It was a White House Easter for one local girl.

Lore's great grandmother, Judy Sheppard arranged the whole thing and says she was so happy to see her granddaughter grinning from ear to ear on Easter.

"I came to be friends with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Lula, out of the Greek community out of New York," Sheppard says. "I had said the one thing I always wanted to do was be able to take this little one, Madeline Elizabeth, to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. So Carolyn Maloney said, 'we will make that happen' and she did."

Madeline, her parents and Sheppard hopped on a plane and took a whirlwind trip to Washington, D.C. for the egg roll. They returned on April 2, 2013. The two-year-old got to meet the Easter Bunny, roll hand-painted eggs and meet other kids her age.

What a special Easter treat.


UPDATE: 4/1/13

Two local girls get the chance of a lifetime on Monday, an Easter Egg Roll with The President and first family.

Two-year-old Madeline Lore from Vienna won an invitation to The White House. Eighteen month old Violet Deuschle from Athens was also chosen to go to D.C.

This is the 135th year for the annual event.

Some 30 thousand visitors gathered on the South Lawn Monday for the Easter Egg Roll.

Along with the roll, Violet and Madeline joined other children for games and entertainment with President Obama and his wife.

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is a spring tradition.

For 135 years, families have clamored at the chance to celebrate on the White House lawn.

And with social networking, the chance was just a click away.

"I found a link on Facebook from one of my friends websites that had a post about enter to win tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll and I had never even heard of it before, living in Ohio. So I did some research, found out what it was all about, entered the contest and had to wait about a week to find out if we actually won," says mom Elizabeth Deuschle.

She wasn't disappointed. A congratulatory message was waiting for her.

And from that moment on...the ball was rolling.

"It was one of those decisions, as soon as I found out we had the tickets, I booked a flight and I booked hotels because there was no question in my mind that this money was important and this is what it was meant to go toward. Because we're not going to have this opportunity really ever again," says Deuschle,

Elizabeth's dad is coming along for the trip as well.

She recently became a single mom and she says that makes this trip even more special.

"I just thought wouldn't that be such a unique opportunity to be able to take my daughter to. So entering I didn't really have many high hopes of actually winning but knowing that I'm going to be taking my daughter to Washington D.C. for my first time as well and at one and a half she will already have a visit to the White House. For me as a single mom feels even more spectacular because I feel like I'm giving her a really great gift," says Deuschle.

Elizabeth and Violet leave for Washington D.C Saturday.

More than 30,000 people will be at the White House Monday for the easter egg roll.

Their session is the final of seven. It starts at 4:45 in the afternoon and lasts two hours.

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