Walk of Christ

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It was Good Friday and to prepare for Easter weekend, a few hundred showed their faith on the Walk of Christ in Parkersburg.

Deacon Doug Deem of St. Francis Xavier Church says it was meaningful because it gave everybody a chance to participate, whether you're a regular at one of the churches or just wanted to join in.

Sinners and saints were all welcome, Deem says, and those are the people who showed up to walk along the route that Jesus might have.

“It's a tradition in most Christian denominations in the Catholic Church to have Stations of the Cross on Fridays,” Deem says. “A number of years ago here in Parkersburg we started with a tradition of going from church to church downtown and praying at a couple of the stations at each church.”

The deacon calls it a really nice ecumenical thing, with people walking down Market and Juliana Streets.

He says the church hands out a little prayer book and you don't have to be Catholic or Baptist, anybody can take part -- in this memory walk of the places that Jesus walked to his crucifixion.

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