2013 Family Safety Awareness Event

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Southside Kroger was the place to be for kids and parents Saturday afternoon.

The 2013 Family Safety Awareness Event educates parents and kids how to respond in emergency situations.

Local first responders teach the importance of being safe.

And to appeal to the younger crowd, it's a hands on event.

Kids put on safety helmets, go inside an EMT truck and get a new ID card. Something important for both them and their parents to have handy.

"One thing that's very important is the children know to dial 9-1-1, what to do in case of an emergency when they're home by themselves or they're out. The policemen and firemen are their friends. I think it's very important that the parents know that the community is here," says Southside Kroger Store Manager, Jamie Sprague.

Parkersburg Police and Fire Department, Camden Clark Ambulance Service and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources were among the local agencies at the Family Safety Awareness Event.

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