2013 Multi-Cultural Festival

Multicultural Festival 2011 in Parkersburg City Park, Parkersburg, WV.
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Update 6-22-13 5:44 PM

Saturday marks the second day of the Multi-Cultural Festival at City Park.

Exploring the world right in your backyard.

From entertainment to food to children's activities, the festival has something for every age.

This year many new vendors and events are bringing in festival regulars and some coming for the first time this year.

Several people we spoke to today told us their favorite parts about the annual event.

"I love coming seeing all the different products that the vendors have to sale, seeing all the different performers," says Zella Graham.

"You see a lot of different food represented, a lot of different crafts, music and the people," added Steve Ritter of Hughes River Bonai.

"We always come for the music and the food but now that I have kids, they come for the crafts and things too," replied Lisa Collins.

The Multi-Cultural Festival is still going on Saturday until 10pm through Sunday.

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They're representing the world and now you can take part -- at the 2013 Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival.

"We found out on Tuesday that we were getting the spot, so we've been in a rush to get everything ready," says vendor Amanda Moore, of NerdKnits.

One vendor has products that create better conditions and promote sustainability.

"I sell fair trade items...and fair trade items means the people received adequate wages and had good working conditions and been advanced loans," says Margaret Myers. "In other words, there's no sweat shops and no child labor."

Balance your life.

"I am selling feng shui products; it's called Golden Spirit Gifts and it's my small little feng shui business," says vendor Rhonda Reese.
"It's to enlighten the Mid-Ohio Valley on feng shui and the things to use and how to use 'em."

Why stay home this weekend when you could take a trip around the world at the Multi-Cultural Festival.

"We take custom orders -- a little bit of knit, crochet, jewelry, perler beads, sewing, all kinds of things," Moore says. "We do whatever we can."

If you're looking for strength.

"I have all the statues over here too, which are a lot of the Hindu and Quan Yen, there's Ganesh; a lot of helpful statues -- love and compassion," Reese says.

Margaret has been returning to the festival for seven years.

"I enjoy it a lot... I think it's fun," she says.

The culture and festivities continue through Sunday at Parkersburg City Park.

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