Marietta's 225th Anniversary

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"I think it's quite interesting to know the history of my hometown that I was born in. I love it and I'm glad I live here," says Laura Morris, a fifth-grader at Harmar Elementary School.

Marietta was settled on April 7, 1788, named for Marie Antoinette, the first settlement of the Northwest Territory.

"Most of the men that came down here in the original party of 48 were revolutionary soldiers, many of them officers and they came here to claim land as repayment for their war service," says Scott Britton, executive director of The Castle in Marietta.

One fifth-grader realizes just how important the river city is.

"I think it's really amazing that Marietta is 225 years old," says Blake Billers, also a student at Harmar Elementary.

During the early parts of the trip only men came down to Marietta.

"The first ladies came here in June of 1788 and helped with the colony and saved them from smallpox," Britton says.

It's about the people who helped put this place on the map.

"Everyone that helped settle Marietta," Billers says.

Women and African Americans now play a much more prominent role in society than they did in those days.

"A lot of that is due to the founding of Marietta and the founding of Ohio with those men that came here," Britton says, "and the setting up of the Ohio constitution outlawing slavery in the territories."

Blake feels lucky to call Marietta home.

"I think it's really amazing to live in such a historic city," he says.

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