Pioneer Palooza

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Celebrate Marietta's 225th birthday with a geocaching event fit for a pioneer.

The Washington County Convention and Visitor's Bureau is opening the city's first geotrail with Pioneer Palooza.

A puzzle, first-to-find awards, swag and a numbered event coin are all part of the trail.

Casey Knowlton from the bureau says anyone can get involved -- you can do it individually, in groups or as a family.

“We picture ourself as a pioneering town and this geocaching adventure is something that really plays on that,” Knowlton says. “It is something that is fun and you do have to get out and hunt to find out what you are really looking for and find your cache, so it's something that I think our pioneers would be proud of.”

The quest begins on Friday, June 7 with a party in Muskingum Park and the first three trail clues will be unveiled.

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