Williamstown Elementary

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It has a long history, but for one school in Williamstown, modern times call for something new.

The Williamstown New School Project Site Selection Committee is working on bringing this to fruition.

"We so need a new elementary school; it's over a hundred years old the school we have now, and no matter how you piece it and patch it, it's not going to be there to do a good job for our students," says Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford.

Williamstown Elementary first became a school more than a century ago, but with the passage of time comes deterioration.

"Its age is showing," says Sue Woodward, assistant superintendent of Wood County Schools. "We have classes in the basement and in the basement those old cinder block walls sweat, bleed -- and it's not the best environment for a student to be in in the 21st century."

Part of their CEFP (comprehensive educational facilities plan) for the 10-year period from 2010 to 2020 was to prioritize facilities within Wood County.

"At the top of that list is the replacement of Williamstown Elementary School or the remodeling of the current Williamstown structure," Woodward says.

For Jean Ford, Williamstown Elementary holds nostalgia.

"As the mayor and of course I attended that school many years ago," Ford says. "I'm so excited just to know that we've come to this point."

A minimum of eight acres is necessary to build a new school unless the property is grandfathered in within the town, so the site selection committee really wants to find certain things.

"Access from the major highways, utilities, public utilities and a situation that would best suit the students," Woodward says.

When all is said and done, it's about having a school that everyone can be happy with.

"Hopefully we can reach the end of where this will be a wonderful school and we'll look back on it and say it's really the pride of Williamstown and the whole area," Ford says.

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