Walking Out Hunger West Virginia

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UPDATE: 4/26/13, 5:30 a.m.

One man, one walk, 55 counties in West Virginia.

He does it to help those who need it most.

Tom Knopp, the man walking 25 miles in each county in the Mountain State faced tough times after being diagnosed with terminal lymphoma when he was just 46.

Today at 68, he is cancer free and thankful for his health and life and the ability to give back.

“It’s a beautiful day to be out and walking and everything, and particularly walking for the need that there is for the less fortunate in West Virginia; it's so great,” Knopp says. “I’m glad to be healthy enough that I’m able to be out here and participate in this event and to raise money for the food banks of West Virginia.”

Tom says he does it because as the director of a local food pantry in Kenova, he sees the growing need everyday.

Every time the doors are open, more and more people walk through and it's his passion to continue to serve in that manner.

With the need of giving back to the hunger, local food pantries and businesses does their part in helping those families.

But one West Virginia man is going above and beyond on that by walking to all 55 counties.

Tom Knopp of Kenova, is making the long journey to raise awareness of hunger and help fund two statewide food banks.

It's all part of the Walking Out Hunger in West Virginia.

He began his walk on Monday in Cabell County.

Knopp hopes to raise $550,000 for either the Huntington Area Food Bank or Mountaineer Area Food Bank.

Rain or shine, Knopp is willing to travel long distances helping those needy families in the state.

"My wife tried to discourage me, other people tried to discourage me but after the way people had supported me during my times, I cannot turn my back and say no. When the Lord calls, I got to go," says Knopp.

Knopp will make his personal appearance in Parkersburg to meet up with local supporters at the Wood County Courthouse Thursday morning at 8.

He will begin his walk to St. Marys at 8:30.

If you would like to help Knopp donate food to those needy families, please visit www.walkingouthunger.org.

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