Mom of the Month

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She has a role like no other: four daughters, eight grandkids (that's four boys and four girls.). It's WTAP's Mom of the Month.

Sarah Lockhart has raised a brood of kids and is a doting grandmother to her grandbabies too. Her girls say she's been through a lot in life and pulled through it all. They say she's a great mom and so deserves this recognition.

“What is your favorite part about being a mom?”

"Watching them grow up and now I got my grand kids to watch and I'm raising one of them, but I went miles and miles for 'em and they know it," Lockhart says.

Daughter Brittany says she nominated her mom for this honor because she would go out of her way for anything when it comes to her kids.

Whenever they needed someone, she was always there and now also takes care of one of her grandsons for one of her daughters.

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