Wren's Ride

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A Montana woman teams up with her friend for a cross-country bike ride to support sustainability, the preservation of the environment.

She's not happy with what she sees -- too much plastic, too much litter and too much waste. She made a stop in Parkersburg.

"I'm really worried about what that's doing to the environment and the legacy that's leaving," says Wren Kilian, of Bozeman.

She left her home to follow her passion.

"I decided to do a ride across the country to raise awareness about sustainability and hopefully get more signatures on a petition for a national bag and bottle bill," Kilian says.

Thousands of bottles, cans and bags lying on the roadside are a constant reminder.

"A bottle deposit law in all 50 states instead of just 10, which would create 100,000 jobs for our country and a plastic bag tax would help prevent the 500 billion that we're using," Kilian says.

Make the effort now if we want a beautiful earth where plants grow, flowers bloom and people see for miles.

Kilian says if we recycle aluminum cans it takes about 100 times less carbon to use recycled materials than to mine and refine new aluminum.

Garbage, plastic bottles, dumping -- it's a big planet that's not always liveable. Let's protect it for future generations.

"And I have this petition going at signon.org and it's called a simple stepping stone to sustainability," Kilian says. "I need 100,000 signatures in order for a government official to pay attention to me. Right now I only have 1,000."

The more people know about the state of the earth, maybe they'll step up and do something.

"Raise awareness and that we can get our corporate and government officials to act more responsible than they've been," says Jeff Tell, of Bozeman. "We've all got to get together and undo the mess that we've been making."

Kilian says you can help make her Mother's Day a happy one and a happy one for Mother Earth by signing her petition.

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