911 Center Cleveland Follow-up

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You can make a major difference during an investigation. Neighbors helped rescue the three Cleveland women.

Officials with the Wood County 9-1-1 Center say first responders rely on the observant public to help them connect the dots.

"It was a sad situation but it did come to a happy ending, at least as far as the ladies being recovered," says Executive Director, Randy Lowe.

They were held captive for 10 years in Cleveland. It's tough to think about that happening there, much less here at home.

"It would be hard for me to imagine that type of thing happening locally," Lowe says.

Local law enforcement tracks the crimes and even cases that date back are not forgotten.

Lowe says our local agencies do a phenomenal job in responding to emergencies and handling missing persons and cold cases.

Facebook and Twitter take on a new role, as crime-solving tools.

"Through the social media and getting word out that you can contact us anonymously and give us tips that they will follow up on," Lowe says.

The key is if you see something, say something, because keeping quiet doesn't help anyone.

"They really expect the community to help,” Lowe says, “which I think in this area they do an excellent job."

9-1-1 tries to determine exactly what might be going on.

"Through routine questioning, we verify the caller's information and go through a set of questions to figure out what's going on, what they see, what they think is suspicious,” says Assistant Supervisor, Douglas Moore.

A closer-knit community might be more in tune with what's going on but not exempt.

"We do have, you know, the small town community where you think that stuff doesn't happen,” Moore says. “But I believe that it can happen anywhere, at any time."

Lowe says to be aware of your surroundings, listen, keep your eyes open and speak up when something doesn't seem right.

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