National Nurses Week

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They are out there helping save lives everyday -- with compassion, support and a caring ear to listen.

Camden Clark Medical Center celebrates those men and women during National Nurses Week.

"Without the nurses and the nursing division, the hospital wouldn't run as smoothly as it does,” says Susan Abdella, director of emergency services.

"We couldn't do anything in our unit without our nurses; I mean our nurses are there 24/7 providing patient care at the bedside,” says Martha Dawson, director of women’s and children’s services.

"The nurses, we definitely couldn't do our job here in the emergency room without them; they are critical,” says Dr. Jennifer Auxier.

Nurses make up a significant part of the hospital.

According to Abdella, there are currently 750 people under the nursing division. “That encompasses clerks, techs, RNs, case managers,” she says.

They have a very special job on the front lines every day.

"They are our eyes and ears for our physicians when they're not in the building,” Dawson says. “They are patient advocates, so our nurses are instrumental in how the patient gets the best care, best quality care."

It's about dedication and sacrifice and working collaboratively for the good of patients.

"We are all part of a team; we function independently for the most part but we have to pull together and none of us could do our jobs without the other, Auxier says.

They care for patients in one capacity or another, but are all there for one reason.

"All of these people that come under nursing, the nursing division -- are integral to the care of our patients and their well-being and to the community,” Abdella says.

Some just step outside themselves and make it their life's work to help others.

"I believe nursing's a calling, not just a profession,” Dawson says. “So I look for people who are really passionate about what they do in helping people."

This week is designed so you take the time to thank a nurse because it would mean so much to them, and they might just be the one to save your life someday.

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