Softball Tournament Spending

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One team hopes to take it all the way home and claim the championship title.

The West Virginia State High School Softball Tournament is in full swing and people are spending on food, drink and more.

"I just got here at 1:00 and I was surprised at how busy we were at 1:00,” says Betsie Carpenter, a lead expert at JC Penney.

It's those die hard sports fans who are also shoppers spending while supporting their local teams.

"Here at the mall we've seen a big increase with our business with the softball team coming in and the crowds it's bringing through our doors,” says Jeff Bailey, manager at The Pizza Place.

They'll battle it out for Mountain State rule and that means the valley can fill its pockets that much more.

"Came to the mall here to get me some food, some grub, grub after watching the game,” says Austin Hall of Ripley. “Yeah, I’m spending money here; I am supporting the local community. I think the local economy is something good."

Patrick Heavner gives props to his hometown and makes sure he catches the games.

"The state high school tournament is wonderful,” Heavner says. “I think the city of Vienna does a great job hosting it. I'm so excited that my hometown can host the state high school tournament to bring all the people to the area."

From Ripley to Ritchie County and everywhere in between, West Virginia is representing.

Bailey says a lot of the crowds and a lot of the kids came in and they’re very excited to see everybody there.

The tournament may be bringing out the overflow of shoppers but for one store expert, that's perfectly fine.

"It’s a gorgeous day out but if they're here to cool off and shop around and spend their money with us, we love it very much,” Carpenter says.

What better way to increase economic growth.

"I think that's great for the economy, for the malls, hotels, everything -- we don't have big events like that here and I think that's huge for Vienna,” Heavner says.

So the crowds continue one more day cheering on their team, showing their West Virginia pride and spending some money.

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