Memorial Day Cookout

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They protect our rights and freedom as Americans and often make the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we honor our veterans with the Veteran's Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley Fifth Annual Memorial Day Cookout.

"Today I met some World War II veterans that I’ve never met before and we shared some wonderful, wonderful experiences; it was great,” says Parkersburg resident James Galbreath, a radio technician in World War II.

Showing our appreciation for them.

"We have three events a year to honor veterans and this is one of them
that we do,” says Vietnam vet Gary Farris, director of the museum.

Five years and counting, the cookout is a way to remember our veterans each year on Memorial Day.

"A bunch of old guys getting together, then probably some of us haven't seen each other in years and meet a lot of new folks that we didn't even know served in the same war that we served in,” says Brian Bock of Parkersburg, who served as a U.S. Navy radioman in Vietnam.

Whether they felt like talking or just sitting in silence, the camaraderie was evident.

"We wanna let 'em come out and eat and have a good time, talk to each other,” Farris says. “We have World War II veterans right up to present day veterans."

It was about good food, good people and a chance to thank those who served.

"Today (it’s) very appreciated, 40 years ago not so much,” Bock says. “But that's okay, we got things turned around."

What better way to honor those we lost than with family and friends and reminiscing for a couple of hours with our local heroes.

That’s what many did today.

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