20 Year Old Man Arrested For Raping 5 Year Old Boy In Athens County

The Athens County sheriff says a Canton man arrested in connection with the rape of a five-year old boy was a non registered sex offender.

A news release from the Athens Sheriff's Office says 20-year old Richard Merryman was arrested on one count of rape.

Authorities say on April 2nd, Merryman lured the child into a bathroom stall at a community center.

They say, while in the stall, Merryman made sexual contact with the child.

Merryman was attending a church function at the time the crime took place.

The Athens County Sheriff's Office has learned that Merryman is a non-reporting sex offender from Stark County and wasn't supposed to leave the Stark County area.

Bond has been set at 500 thousand dollars.

And authorities are continuing the investigation that involves multiple victims.

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