Humane Society Overcrowding

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They're at capacity, full of cats and kittens -- and now one local humane society hopes the public can make a difference.

"The year started off really well; we can definitely tell our spay and neutering programs are working, but I would say kitten season came about a month later than it usually does," says Steve Herron, executive director of the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley.

Sixty to 70 percent of the cats currently at the shelter are kittens.

"We're definitely seeing that influx of cats right now; we're having some issues with some possible hoarders, so the influx of cats have went way up," Herron says.

They're cute, they're cuddly and they're also seriously overcrowding. The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley needs your help to save dozens of cats and kittens.

"Cats can have two to three litters a year so that's the biggest contributor is the spaying and neutering, feral populations that are out there," Herron says. "Summertime -- cat's are roaming around, as well as dogs, a little more because it's warm."

Some cats made their urgent list due to overpopulation and people are responding by coming in and adopting.

"We always hate to euthanize, being what it is we try to do our best to stay away from that, but sometimes you just can't save them all," Herron says.

A low cost spay/neutering program provides assistance.

"Twice a month we drive to Huntington with 20 cats per trip," Herron says. "We do that with our cats plus we offer that to the public to help get those fixed, so once Parkersburg opens it's definitely going to help."

They're trying their best to control the population themselves.

"But we also need the public to help do that as far as ensuring that they're getting their pets spayed or neutered," Herron says.

If you want a cat or kitten there's an adoption process at the shelter, including a background check to make sure the pets are going to good homes where they are going to stay.

All you have to do is contact the humane society if you're interested.

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