Senator Jay Rockefeller Visits the Mid-Ohio Valley

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“We want their jobs, we want them to invest in West Virginia," comments Senator Jay

He is talking about European and South American chemical and polymer manufacturing companies, representatives are looking over the mountain state to see what it has to offer; some are liking what they’re seeing.

He says such a move could be the first step in making West Virginia the chemical capital of the world again, but in the meantime the world is focused on the war on terrorism, and Washington is focused on creating the cabinet-level office of homeland security.

“I'm in charge of aviation security for my party in the senate, leads the Department of Transportation and goes to Homeland Security, I suppose I should be turf conscious, I'm not, I think it it's a very good idea,” says Rockefeller.

Regarding the congressional hearings into 9-11, Senator Rockefeller believes we shouldn't point fingers and play the game of "gotcha,” he says congressional leaders need to simply find out what went wrong to make sure such an event does not happen again.