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Grocery shopping in the Mountain State just got a little less expensive.

"It's great; because that way we aren't spending a lot of money on food and we can have more fun adventures with our family," says 10-year-old Rebecca. "The same thing she said," says her sister Heather, age seven.

No one disagrees.

"Anytime the tax goes away is a good thing," says Jim Oppe, owner of Parkersburg area Foodland Supermarkets. "We all like lower taxes."

Nancy Engle just found out.

"Didn't even know about it 'til now -- praise the Lord, that's fantastic," the Walker, West Virginia resident says. "We need all the help we could get, things are bad you know; this is great."

Governor Tomblin does away with the sales tax on food in West Virginia, making life a little bit easier for residents and putting the state on an even playing field with Ohio.

"The one thing if you think about over the last few years and when it started out as six percent, the average family of four spends between $150 and $160 a week on groceries," Oppe says.

Dezaray Roberts is happy to hold onto more of her money and food.

"Well, I mean, it's good," the Parkersburg resident says. "I could eat more, I guess, that's a good thing."

Customers are trying to find out how much they're saving.

"So you look at it sometimes and there's still some tax on there depending on what they bought," Oppe says. "Hasn't went away completely on the non-edible or on the soft drinks."

For Heather and Rebecca's mom, it just makes sense.

"She likes it too," Rebecca says.

The governor says this takes away the tax burden on life's basic necessities and allows families to keep more of their hard-earned money.

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