Mary Beth Shea; Tenth Community Cornerstone

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She helped to start the "Smiles for Life" program in the valley and now she's being honored as the tenth cornerstone of our community.

Mary Beth Shea is the Oral Health Coordinator for the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. She, along with over 26 local dentists provide screenings and dental care for those who need it.

Shea says receiving this award is an honor, and she hopes it brings attention to an important health cause.

"What we are doing here at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, we've made some strides, but there's so much more work to do, especially in our adult population, those that can't afford dental care. There's a tremendous unmet need."

In the first 18 months, 682 adults have been screen with over one thousand dental visits. Shea receives one thousand dollars for charitable purposes.

The cornerstone awards are sponsored by Superior Toyota as part of Parkersburg Area Community Foundations 50th Anniversary.

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