Blennerhassett Island Deer Hunt

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It may be summertime, but the hunt is on to take some deer at Blennerhassett Island. File your application in advance of the official season and get ready.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will hold the controlled hunt November 12 and 14.

The DNR says the hunt is needed to keep the deer population in balance. If you want to take part, just go to and print out an application under hunting license.

About 50 hunters each day are randomly selected.

“Currently the island is overpopulated with deer,” says Park Superintendent Matt Baker. “Being a state park we don't hunt on a regular basis, so every so often when the population gets so high it requires a hunt to help thin the herd.”

Baker says it's actually unhealthy for the deer to be overpopulated and not good for the ecosystem as a whole.

Overpopulation causes them to browse everything to such a degree it's not even possible to get young trees to grow.

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