Charles Erickson Remembered

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Alumni center donor Charles Erickson died on July 4, 2013.

The man who helped make West Virginia what it is was 81.

"Charles was larger than life," says longtime friend Kathy Eddy, CPA, of McDonough, Eddy, Parsons & Baylous in Parkersburg.

When you think of West Virginia, you think of Charles Erickson.

"He's made amazing contributions," Eddy says.

His philanthropy was well known and far-reaching across the Mountain State.

"You know you look at the Grants Building up on Market Street that he gave to WVUP, as well as the parking lot down on Juliana to assist with the development of the Grants Building," Eddy says.

Erickson spearheaded the effort to give the Parkersburg South Patriots a stadium.

"The Erickson All-Sports Facility was made possible by the Erickson Foundation," Eddy says.

Statewide...he was president of the foundation that built alumni centers at public and private colleges and universities here.

"Alumni centers across the state; I think it's 13 now that have the Erickson -- that are in fact the Erickson Alumni Centers because of their vision that alumni centers were where alumni could come back and feel like their university was their home," Eddy says.

For who he was and all he gave, his absence will be sorely felt.

"I think they'll miss his wit, his sincerity and his genuine love for West Virginia and for Parkersburg," Eddy says.

Erickson's deep love and fondness for the Mountain State and especially Parkersburg was well documented and appreciated by those who knew him and even utilized by those who didn't.

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