Artsbridge Fundraiser

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They're all about keeping a vibrant arts community alive across the valley.

To do that takes money.

So Artsbridge has taken to the people for help. Help from those who are passionate about the arts and those who want to see it grow.

"Every year Artsbridge does United Arts Fund Drive," says Executive Director Mark Lanyon. "It's sort of a generic umbrella fundraiser that we do to raise funds for all the other different arts organizations that are in the community. They submit to us grants for funding."

Organizations benefiting from the funds include the Mid-Ohio Valley Ballet Company, River City Symphony Orchestra, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Parkersburg Art Guild and Parkersburg Art Center.

So far Artsbridge has raised $125,000. Their goal is $145,000 and they still have two more weeks to go.

The best way to contribute is to visit

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