Two Arrested in Check Fraud

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Detective Greg Nangle with the Parkersburg police said, "We arrested two individuals for cashing computer generated checks."

Those two individuals are Heather Stephens and Travis Collins. Police say the Parkersburg pair created fake checks and cashed them all over the city.

"We started receiving reports from various lottery establishments and bars last week in reference to counterfeit checks," Nangle says.

Robert Meadows is the General Manager at River City Perk Cafe on 7th Street, one of several places scammed.

"She’s been going to our stores on different shifts, different girls, and cashing these checks,” says Meadows.

They were checks that didn't sit well with Meadows, so he came up with a plan.

"She had two checks she was trying to cash again. Linda told her she had a 10-minute time limit on the safe and she'd have to wait for her money and that's how she got her to stay here."
The pair stayed while the employee tipped off police.

Meadows says Stephens took him for $4,800, money that insurance doesn't cover and he won't get back, but that's just part of the damage done.

"In the last two to three weeks in fraudulent checks alone, it's going to be anywhere upwards to $20,000 that have been cashed in the area,” Nangle says.

Meadows says he just hopes the two pay the price for the crime.

"She definitely needs to spend some time and get punished, and I’m sure she will."

Thanks to a quick thinking employee and fast-acting police.