DUI Cases Still Around

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The mid-Ohio Valley has seen more than its share of fatal, DUI-related accidents.

The latest, which is pending in court, involves Stephen Wilburn. His three-month-old son was killed in February in the crash of the car Wilburn was driving at the time. An officer with the Wood County Crash Investigation Team told us at the time that Wilburn's blood alcohol level was .11. In West Virginia, .08 just became the legal drinking limit.

"Any time there's a fatality it's a terrible thing, " says West Virginia State Police Trooper Mark Mayhugh, "but when you factor in DUI, it makes it that much worse because it's so senseless. It's so sad."

One device that's been increasingly used in the past ten years in the war against drunk driving is the cellular phone. People have used it to notify law enforcement officers about suspected drunk drivers.

"That's led to a lot of arrests and stops over the years that might not have happened," says Sgt. Guy Brown, the new commander of the State Police Wood County Detachment, "and got that person off the road, and keep them from hurting someone over the years."

Brown adds, however, that drunk driving is a problem, which isn't going to go away soon.

If you spot a suspected drunk driver, you can contact authorities by dialing *SP on your cellular telephone.