Leading The Way

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The Wood County Sheriff's Department is leading the way in keeping children safe, as it's now the first county in the state to implement new missing persons technology.

The new system takes a picture of a child's iris, the colored part of the eye, which has over 200 identifiable markers unique to each individual. The iris is known to be a better and faster way to identify a person than finger printing and in some cases, it's even better than DNA matching.

Wood County Sheriff's Detective Barry Murphy says this program is great news, speaking not only as an official but also as a parent.

"It's a comforting and reassuring feeling knowing that as a father, if something would ever happen to my little girl, Heaven forbid, we have a safeguard in place that we could locate her quickly and easily if we needed to," he says.

You can get your child or a senior citizen enrolled in the The CHILD Project database for free. Call the Sheriff's Department at 424-1834 to make an appointment.