UPDATE: Another Belpre Recycling Dumpster Full of Trash

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UPDATE: 4/14/14 6:10 PM

And even more trash...

Last month we told you about a problem with the recycling dumpster in Belpe.

Things got better, but now it's found it's way to an alternate location.

Mayor Mike Lorentz says people still want to drop off trash anywhere close to a recycling dumpster in the city -- and they've found a new spot, at the Belpre City Pool.

With the mess there Monday morning, Belpre police want to know the culprit.

“This time it looks like they've left a little bit of a trail, so we're going to make an issue of it,” Lorentz says. “You got little ones, anywhere from five to teenagers down here now playing ball in this dirt and mess.”

The mayor says Sheriff Mincks even offered him cameras and he told him he didn't think they needed it, but he's had a change of heart.

Now he's going to start putting eyes around the city with cameras to get to the bottom of who's abusing the recycling dumpster.

Thirty to 40 percent recycling, 60 percent trash.

That's what the Belpre recycling dumpster is full of these days.

"I appreciate the recycler being here and it's very disturbing to think people would abuse it,” says Delores Dye, of Belpre.

Trash and recycling don't mix.

”It’s not really something good for the community to have so, you know how like an odor like those houses over in the distance,” says Charley Sumney, of Athens.

In Mayor Mike Lorentz’s opinion, out-of-towners are dumping there because Belpre has unlimited pickup.

“If I put out two cans, they take it,” he says. “If I put out two cans and 30 bags of leaves and so forth, they take it."

Stop throwing trash in the recycling bin; it's a waste -- and it makes this guy’s job a lot harder.

“Its been getting steadily worse with everybody just dropping trash, not putting it in bags and everyday it keeps piling up more and more, which -- I’ve never seen it this bad,” says Tommy Worden, a Kimble refuse collector.

Residual materials in liquid and solid form are a real problem.

”The animals get in and they scatter it around and then this driver or one of our employees has to stop what he's doing to go down and clean it up,” Lorentz says.

Sumney wants people to take a step back before they throw out their garbage.

”I think they should do the right thing so the environment could work like it needs to work,” he says.

The city is giving it just a short time to try to correct the problem.

”If it doesn't then I’m gonna have to pull the dumpster,” the mayor says. “We can't have it blowing it all over town, and that's right in the center of town.”

Use the benefit of the recycling as it's meant to be and if you have trash at home, leave it at home -- and let the truck pick it up.

”I just wish people would abide by the rules and not abuse what's been given to us free,” Dye says.

Thirty to 40 percent recycling, 60 percent trash.

That's what the Belpre recycling dumpster is full of these days.

Mayor Mike Lorentz says J&J Kimble provided them with the dumpster so everyone could recycle their plastics, glass, paper and cardboard.

But they're going to lose that benefit for the whole city because some people are misusing it.

"In my opinion we got people from out of town dumping there, for the simple fact that we have unlimited pickup. If I put out two cans, they take it. If I put out two cans and 30 bags of leaves and so forth, they take it," Lorentz says. "So why would I haul my rubbish in the car or truck down somewhere else to another site when they'll pick it up right at my doorstep."

The mayor says if people are caught illegally dumping they'll be fined.

He's going to give it just a short time to see if they can correct the problem and if not, he's going to pull the dumpster.

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