Operation Give a Veteran a Car Fundraiser

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Operation Give a Veteran a Car gives vets back what they may lose when they return from service.

"When I retired in 2011 from the military after 30 years of service, I realized there was a need for veterans for vehicles,” says Gene Venham, president and founder of OGVC. “There was a lot of veterans that was deployed, coming back home that wasn't returning back to work and they were just losing everything, including their automobiles."

Supporting those who give the most to our country just makes sense to Mrs. Virginia 2009.

"The veterans have a part of my heart because I raised my adoptable sister and now she's military, but I’ve also worked with the military my whole life and my career,” says Tammy Perkins.

Gene saw a need and filled it.

"I thought it would be great after witnessing a car being donated to a church I go to,” Venham says. “I thought it would be great to start doing this and giving veterans cars."

They sacrifice for our freedom.

"And we don't really acknowledge that,” Perkins says. “We say thank you here and there, but to see somebody else go out and give back and start something from scratch and give it back is amazing."

The first major fundraiser is a game of donkey basketball for OGVC.

"We have the Washington County Sheriff's Department taking part, we have members of other businesses throughout the town; of course we have the OGVC as well,” Venham says.

Tammy has nothing but love for the organization.

"This is from the grassroots; this is about family -- this is God, family and hard work and it's giving back and you're seeing it,” Perkins says. “It's not something that we're hearing about far, far away. It's right here and I’m here tonight and a part of it – I can't believe it."

It's all about providing safe, reliable and quality vehicles to veterans of the United States Military and their families, at zero cost.

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