AM 1450 Off the Air

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Parkersburg's oldest radio station, WHNK "AM 1450," has served the Valley for 80 years.

Now the classic country format will be no more, it went silent Monday night.

WHNK is owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications.

It went off the air after losing a lease with Walker Machinery.

Walker wants to expand and the tower site and transmitter would have to be moved.

WLTP went on the air as WPAR-1420 in downtown Parkersburg on July 11, 1935. The Federal Communications Commission granted the new station, owned by Ohio Valley Broadcasting Corp., 100 watts on which to broadcast.

It would be a decade before another radio station appeared in the Parkersburg area.

WPAR moved up the dial from 1420 to 1450 in 1941, where it remains today. That same year, the Parkersburg station raised its power to 250 watts.

In 2004, the call letters WLTP were in use on 910 KHz "talk radio." The call letters on 1450 were WHNK.

A radio company spokesperson says as of now, there is no decision on the signal.

We'll keep you informed, as more information becomes available.

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