Remembering Past Floods

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The Ohio River Museum in Marietta is busy breaking ground on five special markers, which will show how high flood waters have reached the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.

Marietta's first major recorded flood happened in 1884, and four other major floods followed it, wreaking havoc on the Pioneer City as well as Parkersburg and other nearby river cities.

The most devastating was the flood of 1913. Flood markers will be located in the back of the museum.

Parkersburg has similar markers on its floodwall at Point Park. Other buildings in downtown Marietta, including the Lafayette Hotel, also have markers showing signs of past high water events.

Since the mid-20th Century, high waters haven't been as devastating.

That's because of the construction of dams on the rivers, as well as construction of Parkersburg's floodwall, which kept high waters from reaching its downtown area.