Adam Mullins Benefit

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Adam Mullins is many things...a father, a brother in law, a friend...and he's battling stage 4 cancer of the esophagus.

Mullins is a giving person, and now its his turn to give all he has.

"He's very outgiving, I mean he would help anyone at anytime...he'd give his own shirt off his back if someone needed it, says Doug Corbin.

"He'll do anything for anybody, says Patricia King."

The Mullins family prepared a benefit to raise money for medical expenses.

Raffles, yard sale items and live entertainment are just a few ways the Mullins family aimed to raise money.

Mullins has a family who is trying everything they can to keep him alive..and they need donations and more importantly, they need prayers.

"He wants everybody to pray, he believes god can handle him, he wants everyone to pray, says Rebecca Thompson."

As the waiting game continues, family members remain hopeful.

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