Heat Wave Fires Up in MOV

High temperatures forecast to continue in the mid-Ohio valley have been labeled as a late August heat wave once again.

Temperatures have been climbing into the 90s each day during the end of this work week, with overnights also remaining warm, in the upper 60s.

Clear skies, due to a lingering high pressure system, have allowed for significant solar heating of the air near the surface, and temperatures have climbed about 25 degrees each morning.

Such warm days spark concerns about over-exertion in the highest heat of the day.

Citizens are urged to do their outdoors work during the cool of the morning or in the evening, when temperatures are not at their highest.

And water is considered the best refreshment for those who are over-heated.

Pets should be receive fresh water in in non-metallic bowls so that the sun doesn't heat the water and promote bacteria growth.

Check on neighbors and the elderly to see how they are handling the heat.

Trips to the theater, library, pool, stores or anywhere there is air conditioning can help beat the heat.

Temperatures will return to more seasonable 80s next week.