Credit Card Indictments

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Shortly after Charlene Copen was hired by this oil and gas firm last December, an investigation turned up a number of un-authorized purchases billed to the company. They included a pickup truck, construction tools, and a laptop computer. Prosecutors say Copen made the purchases with a credit card in the name of a fictitious person.

Copen, who is being held in West Virginia on similar charges, faces charges of forgery, theft and misuse of credit cards. Another suspect, Dennis Martin, also faces charges of complicity and receiving stolen property.

The grand jury also indicted 19-year-old Marcus Houston, a Marietta College student, for the kidnapping and rape of a 19-year-old female student valentine's day, in this college dormitory.

Mike Spahr, campus police, did the investigation, collected witness statements, collected evidence, everything a law enforcement agency does, and when they completed their investigation, they turned it over to us.

In the credit card scheme, if convicted as charged, Cope-in faces 12 years in prison and martin faces five years in prison.