Little Boy Saves Man's Life

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Every year in school, kids are taught what to do in an emergency, and now one man is calling a six-year-old boy his hero.

To a little boy, the world may seem huge, but to Dale Sams, a 64-year-old heart attack survivor, that little boy is everything.

"He's the world to me," Sams said.

Sams was suffering from a heart attack and Colby didn't wast any time trying to save him.

"He was yelling and I came out and looked out that window and seen him," Colby Ruddlesden, the six year old, said. "I heard him and I got my mom."

But that's not all Colby did. After helping his mom pull Dale out of a bush he had fallen in, he then ran and got more help, and the generosity didn't end there.

"In the ambulance they asked if he needed a blanket and I gave him one of my blankets," he said.

Leaving mom pleasantly surprised.

"I'm very proud. I was excited. I was bragging to everybody because I didn't think he would be smart enough to realize what was going on," Angie Ruddlesden said.

Making mom proud, and his neighbor grateful.

"You don't know what little angel might show up on you doorstep one of these days. Mine was seven years old," Sams said.

Or at least he will be next week, and to Colby, saving a man's life is the greatest birthday present of them all.

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