Businesses Concerned about Smoking Ban

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Every year we hear more about smoking and the risks that go along with it, and local health departments are making moves to keep smoke outside.

Starting October 1st, smokers in West Virginia won't be allowed to light up at any indoor business.

That includes restaurants and bars, and some of these local businesses are concerned about what will happen to them financially.

For 12 years David Caltrider has been a bartender at Overtime, a bar in Parkersburg.

I'll probably have to find another job," Cartider said.

The reason being that in just a few weeks, no smoking will be allowed in the bar.

"We're going to be out working after hours in times people aren't used to seeing us; inspecting restaurants, bars, video lotteries, those types of places," Tim Miller, with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, said. "The first time we find them smoking, they will get a warning. The second time we will go to court."

This is something Allison Montgomery, a customer at Overtime, isn't happy to hear.

"I like to socialize with my friends and I'm a smoker, so if I can't do it, then I"m gonna stay home," Montgomery said.

This is the exact reason that David is concerned.

"Well financially it will definitely affect me if I have people not coming in, because most of my income is from gratuities," Caltrider said.

The health department said that all of these businesses will be checked equally, unless there are complaints, which will be checked immediately.

Ohio already has a law on the books that prohibits smoking indoors.

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