Valley Gem Going Green

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There's now question that "going green" is a new trend that is catching on quick.

Some local businesses are teaming up to save the environment, and a little cash.

The dining hall at Marietta College is a great place to get french fries, but it's not a place you'd expect to get fuel for a boat.

"It's actually cleaner burning. You don't have as big of buildup as you do with the petro diesel," Donald Sandford, an employee for the Valley Gem, said.

That's just one reason the Valley Gem, in Marietta, is starting to use bio-diesel, which comes from cooking oil.

"We like the idea that we're contributing to everything, but it's also a cost issue," Sandford said.

And the price of the cooking oil itself can't be beat.

"For the Valley Gem, since it's for a good cause and everything, we're not charging anything," Walter Miller, Director of Dining Services, said.

The cooking oil isn't the exact product that will go into the Valley Gem. Other things will have to be added with it, but the one thing that won't change is the sweet smell of a college dining hall.

"The thing is, when you turn the oil into diesel fuel, you can't get rid of the smell, so it smells like french fries," Miller said.

A small price to pay for something that can help save the environment and the Valley Gem's wallet.

Once the Valley Gem starts using the bio-diesel, they'll be able to save one to two dollars per gallon of gas.

They say the most expensive part will be testing it to see how well it works.

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