28th Annual Broughton Foods Ice Cream Social

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Ice cream lovers came from around the Mid-Ohio Valley came to enjoy some sweet treats for a great cause.

"Supporting all the kids, having a fundraiser for them," Mark Lamp said after enjoying many bowls of Broughton Foods Ice Cream.

This year the Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities will be receiving the donations.

"Those are folks in our community that need our support so they can be contributing citizens," said Cheryl Cook who was volunteering with the Rotary Club.

The money will go towards repairs for a pool that is therapeutic for individuals with special needs.

Jan Powell, from The Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities explains the need for the pool upgrade. "They benefit from the warm water, and it just needs repaired. So this will help us accomplish that."

Jewelry made by some special workers was also on display at the ice cream social

"It's a unique way for them to earn a wage. A lot of our consumers they work in our mobile crew, they can do lawn mowing and packaging assembly, but this is a fun way, and it's a nice way for the community to see their abilities," said Nancy Harris, also from The Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

And some of the members of the community who will benefit from this year's event are very excited to participate.

Joey Sinnett was excited to enjoy the days festivities. "At the harbor, I work behind the counter"

"Enjoying the ice cream. It's very good," Clarissa Hendershot said while enjoying the day with her family.

The most popular attraction today....

"I like the baby cow out there. l thought that was pretty cute," Christina Weaver said.

And many were thanking those cows for the delicious Broughton Foods ice cream.

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