Shoe Drive Kicks Off

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Student athletes at Marietta College are asking people to kick off their old tennis shoes, so they can kick off a shoe drive.

"We often times do get new shoes, and we don't really have a place to put our old shoes. This is really a good way for us to give back," Amanda Fishburn, a student athlete, said.

But the shoes won't be going on other people's feet, they're going under their feet.

"They're going to take the soles of the shoe, which is the rubber part and use it to make new courts for underprivileged communities," Fishburn said.

The athletes aren't the only ones with a good "soul."

"I wear tennis shoes all the time, so I do have a lot. They can definitely be reused for a good cause," Brittany King, a student, said.

Even though the drive is sponsored by Marietta College, it's not the only place you can drop off your old shoes. Another place is the YMCA.

"We're happy that we can contribute. We have a lot of people who have shoes that are worn out," David Vogel, an employee at the YMCA, said.

They're asking that you only donate tennis shoes. Cleats, dress shoes, flip flops or anything like that can't be used.

Besides the college and the YMCA, you can also donate at Marietta High School and the O'Neill Senior Center.

The deadline is November 1st.

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