Local Elementary Schools Set Example

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Many studies show West Virginia to be one of the most obese states in the nation, but the Mid-Ohio valley must be an exception, at least when it comes to kids.

The Center for Disease Control is visiting local elementary schools to get ideas for keeping kids healthy and in shape, and they chose this area because of it's promising physical education programs.

Wednesday, the CDC was at Williamstown Elementary and say they're happy with what they're seeing.

Recess and gym class are the highlights of the school day for many kids.

But at Williamstown Elementary, this playtime is taken more serious than students realize.

"We've been able to brag on what things we're doing that are helping our students to be more healthy and lead healthy lifestyles," Principal Keith Enoch said.

And all that bragging caught the attention of the CDC, which decided to make a visit to the school themselves.

"The schools here have been selected by an expert panel from nominations all across the nation on programs that are really interested in focusing on physical activity and promoting physical activity among youth," Seraphine Pitt Barnes, a CDC Health Scientist, said. "It serves as a model for other school districts across the nation."

And one example this school is making is that exercise doesn't stop when the reading and writing starts.

"If they're working on vocabulary tests, doing motions with the vocabulary. If they're working on sentence structure, they do activities with capital letters and they have different body movements for the punctuations they're doing," Enoch said.

Something the CDC was pleased to see.

"This school has done an exceptional job of incorporating physical activity during classroom time. I think that's been a challenge for many school districts across the nation," Barnes said.

Williamstown isn't the only school the CDC is visiting this week.

They're also going to Vienna and Madison elementary schools as well.

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