Walking Toward a Healthy Future

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Doing exercise to stay healthy isn't something you really worry about when your a kid, but Greenmont Elementary is trying to keep students active, while raising money for the school at the same time.

"I'm trying to run 40 or 50 this year," Chase Minnite, a fifth grade student, said.

Chase is determined to do more laps in his school's walkathon than he did last year, and it's this enthusiasm that made the school decide to do it again this year.

"We used to go out and play a lot. A lot of kids now are playing video games and things like that where they're less active, and this is a chance for kids to come out and walk and have a good time with their peers," Principal Brett Ubbens said.

Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is just getting out and exercising, which is exactly what these kids are doing, but they're doing it for more than just their health.

They know they're doing it for a good cause because it's for the library. The money that's raised will be used to renovate our library," Librarian Liz Ayre said.

So with every lap, Ayre is that much closer to a makeover for her work area, but the work she's putting into the walkathon isn't for her.

"The kids come to the library. They enjoy books and so they're really excited about it," Ayre said.

Making kids like Chase, work hard for the money.

"I'm gonna get fifty cents per lap because I ran so much laps last year, my mom doesn't wanna spend so much money on me."

And the more money spent to improve the school, the more exercise for the students.

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