29th Annual Partner in Education Luncheon

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It's a unique event that brings together school administrators, students and local business representatives.

Hundreds took part Wednesday in the Partner in Education Luncheon at WVUP.

It was the 29th annual Partner in Education Luncheon.

The theme was "The Power of Partnerships".

All the public and private schools in Wood County were invited, as well as their business partners.

It's an opportunity to celebrate those partnerships, hear what's going on at the different schools and get new ideas.

It's the only event of its kind in West Virginia.

Wood County was the first county in the state to have business partners.

Now all the schools have at least one partner.

"Because of that interaction, that opportunity for the businesses and the school and students all to work together, it's one of the reasons why Wood County Schools has continued to be such a strong school system and kids to have such great opportunities in it because we have that kind of support from our business community," says Dr. James Patrick Law, superintendent of Wood County Schools.

Dr. Law adds that the district is always looking for new business partners.

From donating money to providing human resource support, there are many ways businesses can help.

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