UPDATE: Major Dealers Busted In Bath Salts Arrest

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UPDATE: 7/3/2013 4:45 PM

They tried to pick up a package full of bath salts from the post office, but police knew about it before it happened. Bath salts purchased online from China are intercepted by investigators before the dealers get their hands on them. It happened at the Davisville post office.

"When persons arrived at the post office that were known to investigators, they actually went in and obtained the package and we confronted them when they came out of the post office," says Wood County Sheriff's Office Chief Shawn Graham.

In that package, were five ounces of bath salts. That's about 14 thousand dollars in street value. Chad True, Dwayne Karr, and Brian Shann are all charged with possession.

"These were very significant dealers in our community and we're very pleased we were able to get them off the street," Chief Graham adds.

True says he has nothing to do with the drugs. "Wrong place wrong time."

But investigators say otherwise. "Our investigations indicate that person was heavily involved in the distribution of bath salts," says Chief Graham.

When WTAP asked Karr if he knew how dangerous the drugs are, he said, "you don't force people to do them either."

It's a bust involving over seven local agencies and hours of investigation, hoping to stop a growing problem.

Chief Graham says, "a suspicious package, a package from China with the address of one of the accused being on that package, we put two and two together."

All three men are placed on bond of 175 thousand dollars each.

A car was towed from Chad True's home. Police believe it was stolen.

The Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force, West Virginia State Police, Wood County Sheriff's Office, Parkersburg Police Department, FBI, and US Postal Inspectors are all involved in the investigation.

Three people are arrested on drug charges after a large bath salts bust in Davisville.

The bust happened at Davisville Post Office Wednesday morning.

Officers are doing more searches in the Ash Circle area, and more arrests are possible.

A car was towed from one of the homes on Ash Circle. Police say it was listed as stolen.

This is a joint Investigation with the Wood Co. Sheriff Office, West Virginia State Police, Parkersburg Police Department and Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force.

Stay tuned to WTAP-TV and TheNewsCenter.TV for more information as it becomes available.

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