Alert System Used in Manhunt

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The Marietta Police Department is crediting the community notification system for keeping the public safe, and helping to track down Wednesday's accused kidnapper.

It's called the Rapid Notification System and any time something happens that the police think the public should know about, they can now send a pre-recorded phone message to everyone in a specific area.

This includes anything from a natural disaster to chemical releases and abductions.

Wednesday, police were able to use the system for the first time, and they say it was beneficial to them and the public.

"I took my grandson to school. I went with my daughter and took him to school," Bettie Farley, a Marietta resident, said.

And when she got home, Farley had a message waiting for her on the answering machine from the Marietta City Police.

It's a new system the police department is using to alert people to problems that could affect them.

"This is the first time we've used this system, and to me it's been extremely beneficial in the part that the fact that the citizens are aware of what's going on," Rhett Walters with the Marietta Police Department said.

And what was going on; the search for David Mosley of Columbus, a suspect in an abduction case.

"Once we established that call, we then notified the citizens in the specific area that he was last seen in," Walters said.

And thanks to that one phone call that reached hundreds of people, police arrested Mosley.

And local residents like Bettie say it's a call they were happy to receive.

"I think it's great. My mother's alone. She's almost 81. She'd open the door to anybody," Farley said.

Farley said she called the police back as soon as she heard the message.

Police can use this alert system to notify people in whatever area they choose.

All they do is click on a map of any area that they want to include, and the calls will be sent to everyone in that area.

Mike Cullums, with the Emergency Management Agency, says the system has been in effect in the county for about 8 years.

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