Salvation Army Taking Christmas Applications

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It's still the beginning of October, but for some, it's already time to start thinking about Christmas.

With all the economic troubles going on this year, more parents are seeking assistance to get gifts for their kids, and the Salvation Army in Parkersburg isn't wasting any time making sure these families are able to have a good Christmas this year.

They started taking applications Monday for people who need financial assistance, and parents say they're grateful for all the help they can get.

"I've never been in this financial situation before where i had to get help like this, but I'm glad this place is here to help give my kids Christmas," Jennifer Mowery said.

This is Mowery's first trip to the Salvation Army, and she's here to make sure that on Christmas morning, her two kids have presents under the tree.

"It's very devastating for a parent who wants to buy something for their children and has no money," Major Vernon Dolby with the Salvation Army said.

Something that's affecting parents this year, more than ever.

"We know it's gonna be a tough year. We already know that. Normally the first day you won't have as many people as we've already had," Dolby said.

For many kids, Christmas is the best time of the year, but even when times are tough, mother's like Jennifer say they won't let anything get in the way of a good family Christmas.

"I really love them, and I'm glad I can come here to get help; otherwise they probably wouldn't have Christmas," Mowery said.

But the Salvation Army can't do it alone. It relies on people who do have extra money for Christmas, to help those who don't.

"Because of the economy, we know financially we're already hurting and we're going to continue to hurt, so if you have two nickels, you may want to share one with somebody else," Dolby said.

Now if you're someone who does want to share with parents trying to buy gifts for their kids, the Salvation Army is always taking donations.

But if you're someone who's seeking help to buy your kids presents, be sure to head over to the Salvation Army sometime within the next two weeks.

There are a few things parents need to bring with them. Here's a list.

- Social security cards for all members in the household
- Picture ID for all adults
- Medical card or birth certificates for all children
- Proof of all monthly expenses (rent, house payment, utilities, cable, phone, car payment, car insurance, charge card payments and etc.
- A list of all children's pant size, shirt size, coat size and five items your children might want for Christmas

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