Local Reaction to Presidential Debate

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There are various reasons people make time to watch the presidential debate, whether it be for entertainment, or to find out what the candidates have to say.

We spoke to people in Parkersburg Tuesday about their reasons for watching, and many of them say they just want to stay informed.

"Information. I like to see what their views are; what their agenda is," Tim Baer said.

"Information. I pretty well have my mind made up, but I still want to hear what they have to say," Martha Knapp said.

"I mostly kind of watch it for information and not really entertainment, but more informative," Amy Westfall said.

"It should be interesting to hear the different viewpoints and the plans that we're looking down the road at helping us," J.R. Carpenter said.

The debate coverage will start Tuesday at 9 p.m. on WTAP and on Fox Parkersburg.

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