Sending a West Virginia Christmas Overseas

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People are already starting to make plans for the holiday season, and for many, those plans involve family.

But not everyone has the luxury of spending Christmas with their families, so some people in our area are sending a little bit of Christmas to soldiers overseas.

Arts and crafts is more than just a hobby for Beth Sellers.

"I'm making a card today to send to members of the troops that are in Iraq," Sellers said.

And she's not the only one sticking around the shop to help bring Christmas to the military.

"I've got a lot of customers that are involved, and so far we have probably 25 cards made. We need 88," Debbie Yoho, The Scrap Shack's Owner, said.

The cards will be sent to 88 soldiers in Iraq, all from West Virginia, and this little gift is more than just a piece of paper.

"It's a little flat hug, a little paper hug that you can't personally go there and say thank you, but you can with these cards," Tawnya Reed with Red, White and Blue Ministries said.

They're West Virginia cards, for West Virginia soldiers.

"We've cut out little West Virginia icons of the state and we put one on the back of every card," Yoho said.

And every little card, is made with a lot of love.

"I just want it to say that we're thinking of them and that the world's going on, but it's not going on without them; that there are people that thank them for their service," Sellers said.

Yoho said they hope to have the cards completed by November 15th.

If you'd like to make a card, you can contact The Scrap Shack at (304) 865-7272.

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